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I am a professional carer and I work with people living with all kinds of dementia. In 2015 I received the ‘Great British Carer Award’ for London which I am very proud of. My musical mind project is a music activity in form of therapy that aims to manage the serious behavioural disorders associated with dementia using musical memory and associated emotions. The ability to feel emotions is one of the last attributes to be lost in the brain injured by Alzheimers. The medial prefrontal cortex is the centre of musical memory, other memories and emotions. These are the brain areas that take longer to atrophy with dementia.

How it is performed

This form of musical therapy utilises personalised autobiographical playlists, using headphones and a mp3 player as tools based on a person centred care model, which allows us to manage certain behaviours (agitation, mood, isolation) without causing distress to the person in care.


To improve the state of mind, quality of life and well-being of people with moderate-advanced dementia, their relatives and the professionals who work with them. To enhance the management of behavioural disorders associated with non- pharmacological alternatives


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